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2 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Bill Divis

    Thank You, I’ve watched three of your videos( I have been on heat pumps lately)..and needed to get some better diagnosing skills…always need that!!..I will go back to work this week and use what I’ve wacthed …Thanks again…Bill

  2. Mickey mize

    Wayne after 50 years in the ac work , carrier and Trane water chillers I am stuck on a carrier 2.50 ton heat pump in heat mode . Changed a bad evap coil with a match with a 70 piston ,Pull vacuuim down to 350 microns charge with 5 pound r-22 today is amb- 40 it is cold .Suction 50 head 55 real low check reversing valve ; and compressor , Went to cooling mode pull wire off of fan, around 50 . pressure went to 250 suction stayed at 50. Suction should come up to around 70; thanks


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