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Saturated Conditions

“Saturated refrigerant” is a term you see a lot in refrigeration discussions, and is an important concept to know, when dealing with heat pumps or A/C’s. It allows us to determine evaporator and condenser temperatures, by measuring pressures. The link below offers some detailed information on understanding the concept.

Saturated Conditions


New HVAC/R Forum

Another forum associate and I have started a new Forum for hvac/r service people. We’re striving to make it heads above the rest in terms of content and “atmosphere”…with an emphasis on atmosphere. Our goal is to make members feel welcome and have a pleasant, enjoyable “experience” during their logged in sessions. Bottom line, you can member up there, post your questions and not have to endure a lot of insults and insolence…

We have also included forums for equipment owners to ask “owner” type questions and will entertain DIY questions within reasonable limits.

Check it out…